Karen Stull is the new Qualifying Broker and owner of Stull Real Estate, LLC. Jamie is retiring after 57 years as QB and going to have some leisure time. Karen is taking his place in this part of the family business. Along with her family, Karen Stull knows the people, customs and surrounding areas of Dona Ana County better than anyone.

Stull Real Estate, LLC. is involved with residential and commercial real estate through development and sales. They also manage many exclusive properties including apartments, condos, townhomes and single family home rentals. Stull Storage is one arm of the family business. Through all of their ventures, Karen Stull and her family have kept customer service as the most important facet of the business. A family who knows the community, knows the business, and knows the people of Las Cruces can surely help you with your real estate needs.

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Living in Las Cruces
Las Cruces is one of the fastest growing retirement centers in the nation. CNN Money.com rates Las Cruces as "One of the Best Places to Retire". Moderate tempature, Wild West history and "Hatch Green Chilis" are part of what makes Las Cruces a vibrant and thriving community. More About Las Cruces
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